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How to Make Your Tires Last Longer

Tires placed on the shelf in the store.
Replacing all four tires on your vehicle can get pricey, especially if you have an SUV, truck or larger tires on your car. You can make the vehicle’s tires last longer and delay the cost of replacing them by taking certain steps and being proactive. Checking the tires at least once every month helps find problems sooner, allowing you to make repairs before completely damaging the tires.

Check for Uneven Tread Wear

If you notice uneven tread wear or “scalloping” on the tires, you may need a wheel alignment. Certain worn suspension parts can cause scalloping on the tread or uneven wear. If the uneven wear is on the left or right side of the tire tread, the problem is most likely with the suspension. The automotive technicians at Maxi Auto Repair and Service can put your vehicle on the wheel alignment rack to check for worn or broken suspension parts and adjust the wheel alignment as necessary.

Check the Air Pressure

Check the air pressure in the vehicle’s tires at least once every month, even if you have a tire pressure monitoring system. If the tires do not have enough air, both sides of the tread will wear out quicker than the rest of the tire.

If the air pressure is too high, the center of the tread will wear out. If you notice this type of uneven wear, adjust the tire pressure immediately.

Tire Balancing

When your auto technician puts new tires on your vehicle, he balances the tires with weights. Sometimes, those weights can fall off. As a general rule, you should balance the tires every year to ensure they are still balanced. However, if you notice the steering wheel shaking at about 55 to 65 mph, you most likely need tire balancing. Maxi Auto Repair and Service in Jacksonville FL can balance the tires for you.

Tire Rotation

Your vehicle’s tires will always have some overall wear. This type of wear is nearly evenly spread across the tread. Which tires wear faster and how much they wear depends on several factors, including your driving style, dirt or gravel roads, tire pressure, and the vehicle’s steering and suspension. Thus, you should rotate the tires at every oil change – about every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. Rotating the tires prevents one tire from wearing down faster than the others.

Regular Wheel Alignments

Even if you don’t notice uneven wear on the tire tread, you should have the alignment checked every six months. Many things can knock the alignment off, such as hitting a pothole or curb or driving on uneven or gravel roads. Not only does checking the alignment more often save your tires should you need a minor adjustment, but it can also take pressure off the suspension and allow it to last longer.

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Being proactive about taking care of your vehicle’s tires helps them last longer. If you just need the air pressure checked or adjusted, stop by – otherwise, contact Maxi Auto Repair and Service at 1-904-992-6868 for an appointment for a wheel alignment, new tires, tire balancing, and tire rotation. We are conveniently located at 13700 Fario Road, Jacksonville FL 32224.


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