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Comprehensive Engine Repair
& Services in Jacksonville, FL

Your engine is the heart of your vehicle. Maxi Auto Repair and Service helps you keep your vehicle running smoothly and reliably by offering engine repair and other services.

If you’re experiencing overheating, an oil leak, or other engine problems, be glad to know you have several options. For instance, you can repair your engine or replace it. In some cases, a tune-up or another simple service will suffice.

Maxi Auto Repair and Service offers engine repair and other related services to keep your engine in top condition. Our certified technicians can help you determine which service is necessary and suitable for your vehicle and budget.

When to Repair or Replace Your Engine

The decision to repair or replace your engine will depend on various factors, including the severity of the issue, the age and condition of your vehicle, and your budget.

If your engine is experiencing a relatively minor issue (such as a broken head gasket), repairing the engine is often enough. One advantage of engine repair is that it may be less expensive than engine rebuild or replacement. 

Note that engine repairs are not created equal—some repairs can be costly and time-consuming. There’s also a risk that additional problems may be discovered during the repair process, which could drive up the repair cost.

If your engine has already suffered significant damage or has a high number of miles on it, engine replacement may be the better option. It involves removing the old engine and installing a new one. While replacing your engine can be costlier, it can also give you a fresh start and extend the life of your vehicle. 

We can repair and replace engines at Maxi Auto Repair and Service. If you’re considering the replacement route, we can use a used engine with low mileage or a crate engine from the manufacturer or aftermarket provider (such as Jasper).

Common Internal Engine Repairs

There are several common internal engine repairs that you may need over the life of your vehicle. Here are some of them.

Head gasket replacement

Head gaskets can break when the engine overheats, causing coolant to leak into the cylinders. This can result in engine misfires, overheating, and other issues.

Piston ring replacement

Piston rings wear out over time, causing blue smoke from the tailpipe. This can be a sign of engine wear and decreased performance.

Valve seal replacement

Valve seals can wear out over time, especially if they are all rubber. This can lead to oil consumption and decreased fuel efficiency.

Bearing replacement

Camshaft and crankshaft bearings eventually wear out, causing engine noise and decreased performance. If left unchecked, bearing wear can cause catastrophic engine failure.

Oil pump replacement

The oil pump is responsible for circulating oil through the engine to lubricate and cool the components. If the oil pump is worn for some time, the engine could have internal damage to the bearings and rings.

Timing chain or belt replacement

The timing chain or belt connects the camshaft and crankshaft. They should be replaced at regular intervals to prevent engine damage.

Tune-Ups and Engine Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is key to ensuring your engine's performance and reliability. Here are some engine maintenance services we do at Maxi Auto Repair and Service.

Engine tune-up

During a tune-up, a skilled technician will inspect and replace certain parts of the engine (such as spark plugs, air filters, and fuel filters) as well as perform other necessary maintenance tasks (such as checking and topping off fluids and lubricating moving parts).

Oil change and related services

Regular oil changes are essential for maintaining your engine’s health and performance. We can perform oil changes quickly and affordably, using only high-quality oil and oil filters to ensure your engine is properly lubricated and protected.

Spark plug replacement

Spark plugs can wear out over time, causing misfires and decreased performance. Replacing the spark plugs regularly ensures your engine is running smoothly.

Fuel system cleaning

Over time, dirt and debris can build up in your fuel system, causing decreased fuel efficiency and engine performance. A fuel system cleaning can help remove this build-up and improve your engine’s performance.

Air filter replacement

The air filter is responsible for preventing dirt and debris from entering the engine. A dirty air filter can restrict airflow to the engine, causing decreased performance and increased fuel consumption.

Keep Your Engine in Top Condition with Maxi Auto Repair and Service

At Maxi Auto Repair and Service, we are committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality engine repair and services. Whether you need basic maintenance or complex repairs, our experienced technicians are here to help. 

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get your engine running smoothly. We have three convenient locations to serve your engine needs—Beach Boulevard, Riverside, and Hodges.