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Dashboard Warning Lights Explained

Screen display of car status warning light on dashboard panel symbols which show the fault indicators.

A vehicle is equipped with multiple dashboard warning lights that serve as indicators for various conditions or issues concerning the vehicle. Upon starting the vehicle, all the warning lights illuminate momentarily to confirm their proper functioning. However, they should quickly turn off after a few seconds. If any of these warning lights remain illuminated, it is advisable to contact Maxi Auto Repair and Service. 

Oil Pressure Light

The oil pressure light is designed to activate when there is insufficient oil or low oil pressure in the vehicle. It may appear as an image of an oil lamp or simply display the word “OIL.” If you observe this light, it is crucial to safely pull over and turn off the vehicle as soon as possible. Do not attempt to restart the engine; instead, contact a tow truck for assistance. If you have access to oil, you can check the oil level and add more if necessary. This action should extinguish the light. However, if the light persists, it indicates that the engine is not receiving sufficient oil or there could be a potential issue with the crankshaft. It is advised to drive the vehicle only when the light has turned off.

Airbag Indicator Light

When the airbag light illuminates, it indicates a problem with the vehicle’s airbag system or one of the airbags. While it is not necessary to immediately cease driving when this light appears, it is recommended to have the system inspected promptly. This precaution ensures your safety by preventing unexpected airbag deployments or failure to deploy when needed.

Engine Temperature Light

The engine temperature light illuminates when the engine is experiencing overheating. Some vehicles may have a temperature gauge in addition to this warning light. When this light comes on, it is crucial to pull over to a safe location as soon as possible and turn off the engine. Do not attempt to restart it. After allowing the engine to cool for at least an hour, you can check the coolant level to see if it is low. It is worth noting that if all the coolant has leaked out, the temperature gauge will not register any overheating, giving a false impression. Always inspect the coolant level before starting the vehicle. If you are unsure or uncomfortable performing this check, the safest course of action is to have the vehicle towed to Maxi Auto Repair and Service.

Check Engine Light

The check engine light serves as an indicator of potential issues with the vehicle’s emissions system. It could signify a malfunctioning sensor or a sensor receiving inaccurate readings. If the sensor detects readings outside the expected range, and the vehicle’s computer cannot rectify the situation, the light will illuminate.

For instance, the computer might generate an error code related to the camshaft sensor. This code could indicate a malfunctioning sensor, faulty cam phasers, or a problematic cam oil sensor.

Another example involves the computer generating an error code for an oxygen sensor. This may signify a malfunctioning sensor or an excessive presence of unburned fuel in the exhaust mixture. If it is the latter case, it is possible that other components such as spark plugs, coils, plug wires, or the MAP sensor could be malfunctioning. The certified auto technicians at Maxi Auto Repair and Service possess the expertise to conduct diagnostics and identify the underlying problem accurately.

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