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Oil Leaks: Causes and How to Fix Them

Oil Leaks: Causes and How to Fix Them | Maxi Auto Repair Beach Blvd image of oil leak in the diesel engine at Jacksonville, FL.

Oil leaks might seem like a nuisance to you, but they can be dangerous. Oil dripping onto the exhaust could start a fire. If you don’t notice the oil leak and your engine runs low on oil, you could damage the engine. Finally, oil leaks pollute the environment where the oil leaks onto the ground.

Maxi Auto Repair and Service in Jacksonville, FL can locate and repair your vehicle’s oil leaks. Call us at (844) 297-8529 for an appointment to fix your vehicle’s oil leaks. We are conveniently located at 10200 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville FL 32246.

Locating Oil Leaks

It can sometimes be difficult to locate oil leaks, especially when the oil drips down the engine from a place not easily seen. Generally, oil leaks are caused by worn or broken gaskets, though worn or broken parts could also cause leaks.

Causes of Oil Leaks

Valve Covers

In most cases, the gasket is broken or worn, and you just need to replace the gasket. However, the valve cover or head could be damaged. If the valve cover is damaged, you’ll have to replace it. If the head is damaged, a machine shop may be able to repair it. If not, you’ll need to replace the heads.


If the distributor leaks, it is usually where the shaft goes into the engine. You’ll have to replace the gasket located on the distributor shaft.

Timing Cover

Generally, the issue isn’t the timing cover itself, but the front seal, which is located behind the timing cover. While the timing chain cover gasket is supposed to keep the oil behind the timing cover, it could also be damaged – and that is when you’ll see the oil leak.

Oil Filter and/or Oil Filter Housing

Either part could leak. Both have a gasket that could allow oil to leak. In some cases, the oil filter housing could be cracked, in which case, you would need to replace the housing.

Oil Pan

The oil pan gasket or the drain plug could leak. If the oil pan gasket is leaking, replace the gasket. However, if the drain plug is leaking, you may need a new oil pan, as the plug is probably stripped.


Some of the vehicle’s many sensors are in the block. They may leak if they come loose or if the sensor is defective. Some sensors may have a gasket, which you can replace. However, the oil that leaks most likely damaged the sensor, so it’s better to replace the sensor.

How to Locate an Oil Leak

If you don’t see oil on the ground, you may have a small leak, or the oil could leak onto something in the engine, preventing it from hitting the ground. Some signs of an oil leak include:

  • Check Engine Light: If the oil damages a sensor, the check engine light could illuminate. It will not come on for an oil leak that does not affect a sensor.
  • Oil Pressure: If the oil pressure gauge reads low or the ‘Check Oil’ light comes on, you may have an oil leak.
  • The Engine Smokes: If you see smoke coming from under the hood, the oil may be leaking onto the exhaust and burning.
  • Burning Oil Smell: If the oil drips onto the exhaust manifold or another hot part of the engine, you may smell it burning.

Contact Maxi Auto Repair and Service for Oil Leak Repair

If you have an oil leak, contact Maxi Auto Repair and Service at 1-904-646-4000 for an appointment for an oil leak repair. We are conveniently located at 10200 Beach Blvd., Jacksonville, FL. 32246.


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