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Understanding the Components of a Comprehensive Tune-Up

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Way back in the day, a tune-up was pretty comprehensive. It encompassed checking the ignition timing and replacing most ignition parts, including spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor, condenser and points, and setting the points. An extensive tune-up would include replacing the coil, plug wires and adjusting the carburetor. When electronic ignition became common, a tune-up included replacing the plugs, cap and rotor and adjusting the carburetor. Finally, when distributor less ignition became popular, the tune-up was reduced to replacing the plugs. Maxi Auto Repair and Service in Jacksonville FL can give your vehicle a comprehensive auto tune-up or engine tune-up.

Today’s Engine Tune-Up

Today’s tune-up has evolved into replacing the spark plugs and ensuring everything runs as it should. With a distributorless ignition, the computer ensures the spark hits the cylinder at the right time – vehicles no longer rely on a distributor and coil to send a spark when the timing for each cylinder is on the correct stroke. Your auto technician will replace the spark plugs and check the gauges and dash lights, including the check engine light.

Check Engine Light

This light comes on when the computer sends a code that one of the sensors isn’t working. The engine’s sensors have two functions:

  • Read information from the engine and send it back to the computer so that the computer can make necessary adjustments. Examples are the camshaft sensor, coolant temperature sensor and oxygen sensor.
  • Make adjustments based on the computer’s instructions. Examples are the idle air control valve and the EGR valve. These are not really sensors, as they don’t send information to the computer – they are actuators. However, the computer will send a code when an actuator malfunctions.

Battery Light

When the alternator is not charging or is over charging the battery, the battery light will come on. The battery requires 12 volts; thus, the alternator puts out an average of 14.5 volts. If the voltage is over 15.5 to 15.7, the alternator is overcharging. If the voltage is less than 13 volts but over 12 volts, the system is charging too slowly. If the voltage is less than 12 volts, it is not charging. The alternator could be malfunctioning, or the battery may not be able to hold a charge.

Coolant Temperature Warning

The coolant temperature warning lets you know when the vehicle’s temperature is too hot. Most thermostats are designed to open at 195 degrees Fahrenheit to allow water to flow from the engine to the radiator. If the thermostat sticks, the water pump malfunctions, or the radiator is clogged, the engine would overheat. If the light comes on or the gauge moves into the red, immediately shut the vehicle off.

Oil Pressure Warning

The oil pressure warning is one of the more important lights – they all are, but this one is really important. If the oil pressure light comes on, pull over and turn the engine off immediately. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. Do not try to make it to a parking lot a block away. Get off the road, turn the engine off, then call a tow truck. Every second your engine runs without the proper oil pressure shaves years off its life.

Additional Dash Lights

Your vehicle may have dash lights for the following:

  • Tire pressure monitoring system.
  • Transmission temperature.
  • Brake light and ABS brakes.
  • Traction control.
  • Stability control.
  • Airbag warning.
  • Light out notification.
  • Washer fluid.

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