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Under the Hood Holiday Preparations: Ensuring Your Engine’s Readiness for the Road

Ensuring Your Engine's Readiness for the Road

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For most people, the holidays are packed with visiting, gift-giving, vacations and more. While some people only have to go down the street, others may choose to drive across the state or even across the country. Regardless of how far you need to go, a pre-trip engine inspection is always a good idea. You can make holiday vehicle preparations at the start of the holiday and drive knowing that your vehicle was checked by a certified and experienced technician.

Pre-trip inspections don’t guarantee you’ll have a breakdown-free trip, but they significantly reduce the risk. Maxi Auto Repair and Service in Jacksonville FL can do engine checks for safe travels before you head out this holiday season.

Holiday Vehicle Preparations

Before you head out for the holidays, it’s time to do some preventative maintenance and check everything. If you plan on taking a long road trip and expect it to add mileage that is more than you have left until your next oil change, do the oil change a bit early.

Check the Oil

If you recently changed the oil, you can just check it and top it off if needed. If it’s nearly time for an oil change, it’ll benefit you to change it now so you won’t have to do it on your trip or worry about it when you return.

Inspect the Coolant System

Check the coolant level to ensure the radiator is full. Check the hoses for cracks and leaks, especially where they connect to the thermostat housing and the radiator. Check the water pump for signs of leaking. Finally, make sure the fans are working properly.

Inspect the Battery

Your vehicle won’t start without a good battery, and that’s the last thing you want on a holiday trip. Before you leave, check the battery for corrosion, loose terminals, loose hold-down clamps, and damage to the battery case, including swelling and cracks. If the battery is swollen or has a crack, replace it. Otherwise, clean the terminals and make sure they are tight.

Fuel System Maintenance

If your vehicle is almost due for a new fuel filter, replace it before you leave for the holidays. Remove deposits from fuel injectors by cleaning them with our professional fuel injection cleaning system. You’ll have improved fuel system performance for better fuel efficiency.

Check the Ignition System

Check the coils and plugs to ensure they are in good condition. If it’s nearly time for a tune-up, consider doing it before you leave instead of when you return. If the plugs are almost worn to the minimum, you’ll get better fuel mileage if you change them now.

Air Filters

Most vehicles have two air filters: One for the engine and one for the cabin. Replace the cabin air filter and check the engine air filter. If it’s dirty, replace it or clean it, depending on the type you have.

Inspect the Exhaust System

Check the exhaust system from the exhaust manifold to the tailpipe to make sure everything is in good condition. Make sure the catalytic converter and muffler are also in good condition, with no rust on the seams, and the catalytic converter isn’t clogged.

Belts and Hoses

Inspect the belts and hoses for dry rot, cracks, wear, and other damage. Make sure the hoses are tight, and the ends under the hose clamps aren’t damaged. Check the underside of the belt to make sure it’s not hard and brittle. We recommend replacing belts and hoses even if you see minimal damage.

Transmission Fluid

Check the transmission fluid level to see if it’s burned. Burnt transmission fluid has a foul smell instead of a sweet smell and is also brown or light brown. Transmission fluid should be pink. If it’s nearly time for a transmission flush, consider doing it before you leave. When we flush the system, we also replace the transmission filter under the valve body and clean the pan of metal shavings, clutch material and other debris.

Brake System

Because the brakes are such a critical safety component, always check them before traveling. We’ll check the brake pad and rotor thickness to ensure they are within safe limits. We’ll also check the brake fluid to ensure it’s full and it’s clean.

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