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Tire Rotation and Alignment: Maximizing Tread Life and Handling

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Tires are the only thing that connects your vehicle to the road – a few inches of rubber on each of the four tires are all that take the brunt of turning and speeding down the road. It’s essential to take care of your vehicle’s tires so you remain safe when driving. Keeping up with proper tire maintenance not only keeps you safe but also contributes to the longevity of the tires. Located on Fario Road in Jacksonville, FL, at Maxi Auto Repair and Service we offer tire rotations, alignments, and other tire maintenance services.

Proper tire maintenance, including checking your vehicle’s tires frequently, can prevent these accidents. Maxi Auto Repair and Service in Jacksonville FL can check your vehicle’s tires and ensure they receive the proper maintenance.

Tire Rotation and Alignment Benefits

While often overlooked, tire maintenance should be a priority for every vehicle owner. To maximize a safe and comfortable ride and handling and steering, bring your vehicle into Maxi Auto Repair and Service for tire rotation and alignment advantages, including improving handling through alignment.

Tire Rotation

When your tire tech rotates the tires, he or she moves the tires from one position to another on your vehicle. Depending on whether you have rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, front-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive, the tech might move tires from the front to the rear or from side to side – or both.

Though you might not be able to see it right away, tires do not wear evenly. More weight on the front of the vehicle causes the front tire to wear faster. The way a tire travels over the road in its current position causes more or less wear than the other tires.

To avoid uneven wear and premature tire replacement, it’s advised to rotate the tires approximately every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, or at each oil change.


When the wheels are misaligned, tire wear is visibly uneven. One edge of the tread may wear, or you may notice scalloping across the tread. A misaligned vehicle is a safety concern, as the vehicle can pull to one side. It also wears on the suspension and steering if the vehicle is misaligned.

Causes of misalignment include hitting a pothole too hard, rubbing a curb, and wearing steering and suspension parts. If you notice the vehicle pulling to one side or uneven tire wear, schedule an alignment at Maxi Auto Repair and Service in Jacksonville, FL as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more damage you do to the tires, steering, and suspension.

Tire Balancing

Unbalanced tires can also cause tire wear. Wheels have weights on the rims to make the roll more evenly. Weights can sometimes fall off by themselves, but more often, they are knocked off by hitting a pothole or debris in the road or by hitting a curb.

If you feel a shimmy in the steering wheel at 55 to 75 miles per hour, chances are your vehicle’s tires are not balanced. Contact Maxi Auto Repair and Service in Jacksonville, FL, for an appointment for tire balancing.

Other Tire Issues

Not all uneven tire wear is caused by misalignment. If you notice that both edges of the tread are evenly worn, the tire pressure is too low. If you notice only the center of the tire is worn, the tire pressure is too high.

Part of tire maintenance is checking the air pressure at least once per month. Never rely on the tire pressure monitoring system – it can fail and is often inaccurate. Instead, purchase a quality tire gauge to check the air pressure in your vehicle’s tires.

Finally, a separated tire could cause a blowout. If the separation is large enough, you’ll see a bubble on the sidewall. Experiencing vibrations in the steering wheel at slow speeds, typically between 5 to 15 miles per hour, likely signals a separated tire, requiring immediate attention.

Contact Maxi Auto Repair and Service

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