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Is it Time to Get New Tires?

a driver checking his tire, is it time to get new tire | Maxi Auto Repair

Many drivers never think about their vehicle’s tires – until it’s too late. That time you need to slam on the brakes, and your vehicle doesn’t stop as[…]

Oil Leaks: Causes and How to Fix Them

Oil Leaks: Causes and How to Fix Them | Maxi Auto Repair Beach Blvd image of oil leak in the diesel engine at Jacksonville, FL.

Oil leaks might seem like a nuisance to you, but they can be dangerous. Oil dripping onto the exhaust could start a fire. If you don’t notice the oil leak and your engine runs low on[…]

How to Make Your Tires Last Longer

Tires placed on the shelf in the store.

Replacing all four tires on your vehicle can get pricey, especially if you have an SUV, truck or larger tires on your car. You can make the vehicle’s tires last longer and delay the cost of replacing them by taking certain steps and being proactive. Checking the tires at least once every month helps find […]